Castle Covid Support Association Cambridge
Jan/Feb 2022

Our front page is now dedicated to recent pandemic news from our ward as well as City, County and country.

But our volunteers are still here to help and we are standing by as things are flaring up again this winter. Our organisation is in place and ready to act: if you need any help, simply go to our Getting Help in Castle Ward page!

In late January, Cambridge infection rates were considerably higher than they had ever been. They had failed to decline in line with the national trend in January, but did so throughout February and are now at about the level they were before the arrival of Omicron, although still at almost twice the national level. Local and national developments of Covid infections are can be seen on our case numbers page.

News from Castle Ward

Non-emergency help is still provided by CCSA: Getting help in Castle Ward

Concerts: After almost two years of lockdowns and restrictions, many long to meet up again locally. To help you to do so, we have been given a special grant by the City Council to host several concerts:

Covid-19 case numbers in Castle, Market and Newnham were, until a week ago, considerably higher than in the City, probably due to an outbreak of Omicron amongst University students. They are now (28 Feb) at the same level as in the City, which, however, as said above, is almost twice the national average. See the latest chart.

News from City and County

Vaccinations: Everyone needs to continue to take up their vaccinations when offered (including flu) and continue to follow Covid-safe practice in terms of wearing face-coverings, keeping a safe distance from others and ensuring ventilation when mixing in indoor spaces.

Click this to see where vaccination information can be found.

Financial Support: The County Council has been allocated £3.58 million as part of the Government’s Household Support Fund to help people who need financial support. City and district councils are working with the county to help us identify those who need it most. More details on the relevant page of the County Council website.

Supervised Rapid Covid-19 Tests: In addition to self-testing at home with free kits, see below, you can also take supervised tests at local test centres. The one nearest to Castle Ward is in Akeman Street, which goes off Histon Road opposite the Co-op. Details and times can be found here on the County Council Website. (There appears to be no free-of-charge way to access the more reliable PCR tests unless you have Covid symptoms or tested positive in a rapid "lateral flow" test.)

Country-wide Covid-19 News

Government Rules, including the recent revocation of "Plan B", are summarised in this guidance document.

COVID-19 self-testing continues to be an important part of the fight against the pandemic. Click this to find out more about self-administered Lateral Flow Tests.