Castle Covid Support Association (Organisation)
Our Trustees
Our Steering Group
Our Officers
Our Administrative Committee
Consists of the Steering Group, the Officers and one or two representatives of each of the residential areas in Castle Ward (see our map). It meets weekly to discuss issues arising and to approve policy.
Our Dispatchers (Help Coordinators)
A small group of specially trained volunteers who answer the telephone help line and monitor help requests coming in via this website. They then arrange for a volunteer to deal with the request or, in some cases, pass it on to a more appropriate organisation.
Our Volunteers
All of the above, plus a large and growing number of people who have signed up with us to help others and who are the heart and soul of this organisation.
Our Users
All those members of the public who turned to us for help, whether they be self-isolating, frail, afraid, tied to the home by children, lonely, or for whatever other reason they might need help.
Our Documents and Policies