We aim to connect helpers with people who need non-emergency help in Castle Ward in Cambridge.
As we move out of lockdown, CCSA now also offers:
  • Company on a first post-lockdown shopping trip, visit to a pharmacy, etc.
  • Help to deliver absentee ballots for the local elections
As always, we offer, for all residents:
  • Confidential and supportive telephone or video calls from someone to talk to outside your home
  • Information to help you deal with the effects of the current situation: see or call our helpline
We also offer, for those who still cannot leave home:
  • Shopping for and delivering food and essential household items
  • Collecting and delivering medical prescriptions
  • Dog walking
  • Posting a letter
If you need help now or think you may in the future, then please phone our Helpline on (01223) 750190 or click the button below to register with us:
If you can provide practical help, please click below. Even if you are self-isolating and might be in need of help yourself, there are things you can do (a lot of this effort is run by people who are self-isolating):
Who are we?
The Castle Covid Support Association (CCSA, whose constitution is here and whose people and policies are listed here) is a non-partisan charitable community group as defined and supported by the Cambridge City Council. Our volunteers will be registered with us and be vetted as best we can. We aim to provide organised and safe help for residents in these unprecedented times.
Is it safe?
Data will only be available on a need-to-know basis to members of the Steering Group, to volunteers who need access in order to help our users, and to our "Dispatchers", who match up other volunteers with users.
Request for Help
After requesting help by either filling in the form or calling our help line, we try to find a volunteer to help you. You will get a phone call and possibly an email telling you of the match and preparing you for an approach by the volunteer.

When support is no longer needed, please notify so that volunteers can be reassigned. You are free to reject any offers of help or to end the relationship.

We have Public and Employer's Liability Insurance, but users of this service do so at their own risk. Everyone is reminded not to accept unsolicited offers of help from strangers.
Our web site sets no "cookies." Our Privacy Policy can be found here.
Once the threat of COVID-19 has passed, or on request by the user, all Help Request data will be destroyed.