CASTLE WARD Volunteering
We need volunteers for the following tasks (and more!):
  • Supporting all residents:
    • Chatting to the worried or lonely*
    • Giving them information to help them deal with the current situation and referring them for help where appropriate*
    • Information Technology support*
  • Supporting the self-isolating:
    • Running errands (shopping, etc.)
    • Dog walking
    • Posting letters
  • Supporting our effort:
    • Leafletting support
(* can be done while self-isolating — some of us are self-isolating ourselves!)
If you can volunteer as a member of Castle's response team, please look at the map and decide which areas of the ward you can support for running errands, if not all. You can click on the map for a larger view.
Then click this button: 
Register as a volunteer
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Some Details
The voluteering protocol is briefly outlined below. In addition, there are several key documents:
As part of the signing up process, you will be asked, via email, to sign and return the
The others are our Safeguarding Policy, a general guidance for volunteers from the City Council and a safeguard-training presentation from the County Council:
The process
Each help request will be matched by a "dispatcher" with a volunteer helper and the person requesting will be notified that this has happened. The volunteer will then get in touch to arrange whatever support is required. The person or household receiving support is free to reject any offers of help or to end the relationship.
Once a volunteer has been assigned a help request, the volunteer can upload case notes and case-related documents via this button:
A supervision team will be in place to support and guide volunteers who have questions or concerns. This team will include people with pastoral and therapeutic training. Volunteers are encouraged to make use of support at this supervisory level.
Support for the Vulnerable
For some groups of particularly vulnerable people arrangements for support are in place elsewhere, and they will be referred onwards:
Highly Vulnerable due to a medical condition
(i.e. people on the "Shielded List" who received letters by their GPs or the government)
These are supported by the County Council.
Vulnerable Adults (in the sense of the "Care Acts") and Children:
These are supported by the City Council, unless a volunteer is qualified and has a DBS certificate.
Difficulties to pay for food:
supported by the City Council
Protocols regarding money
As much as possible volunteers will avoid handling cash payments. However, given the expectation that some may have difficulties in initiating other forms of payment, volunteers may be asked to handle cash up to £30. Receipts must be saved and returned to the user of this service. We advise that cash is handed over on delivery of shopping or medicines, and not before.
The Association has Public Liability and Employer's Liability insurance cover for volunteers, as well as liability insurance for the trustees, but be aware that there might be some risk.
Privacy Notification
When the threat of COVID-19 has passed, or on request by the user, all Help Request data will be destroyed.
Volunteers may be asked if they wish to be transferred to another database of potential volunteers in any future crisis. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.