Covid-19 Infections: Areas within Cambridge
Daily Positive COVID-19 Tests per 100 000 Population (further explanations below)
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What does this chart show?
The government publishes the number of new positive Covid-19 tests in any week preceding the reporting date at ultra-local level, down to individual areas within a city. This allows us to show at least weekly-average figures for infection levels in individual city wards (except for Newnham and Market wards, for which the data are grouped together). We also show summaries for all wards in the same general area of Cambridge, and for comparison the daily reported data for Cambridge, South Cambs and England as a whole.
The shaded area
For individual wards, the government does not report data for any week where there have been less than three cases. For those weeks, our curves curves accordingly show zero new cases. With an average population of about 9000 per ward, this lower reporting limit is about 2.5 cases per day per 100000 and the corresponding area is shaded red at the bottom of the chart.
The curves
"England", "South Cambridgeshire" and "Cambridge" are the same as in the Regional numbers chart; "Cambridge University symptomatic" and "Cambridge University asymptomatic" are the same as in the City and University numbers chart.

For the individual wards, the government's 7-day data are distributed over each of the seven preceding days and the resulting data points then averaged again over the neighbouring three days.